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All My... (Xposed Tweaks)

Descargas 5k - 25k
Versión 0.8.0 Hace 1 año

Descripción de All My... (Xposed Tweaks)

ROOT & Xposed framework required!

List of tweaks:

• Disable Su Indicator - Disable # (pound/hash) indicator in status bar

• Always Software Menu - Allows to have both software menu button and menu mapped to key on CM. Workaround for this.

• No Toast Icons

• Pocket First - Make Pocket the first option when sharing

• Desk Clock Alarm - Make Alarm the default tab in stock/Google Desk Clock

• One Way Brightness - Make auto brightness go only up

• Battery Light Disabler - Battery light will not shine when in downtime (Interruptions) or when the screen is on

• One Hand Zoom Enabler (Firefox/Adobe Reader)

• Battery History XXL - Enlarge the stock settings battery history - from 10 to 30 records

• Native Freezer - Disable and re-enable any 3rd party app from System Settings

• Minimum Brightness (MX Player/system) - Change the minimum brightness level from usual 10 to 1

• Gentle Haptic Feedback

• Compact Volume Panel

• Chrome Tabs Toolbar On Phone - Enable tablet layout while keep mobile User Agent

• Disable Horizontal Scroll (Adobe Reader)

• Remap PREV button to PLAY/PAUSE - Allow use volume keys to change volume, advance to next song and play/pause

• Remap NEXT button to Torch - Allow use volume up key (long press) to start flashlight (when music is off)

• K920 Cardboard Fix - Fix screen resolution in Google Cardboard on Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro (K920)

• No Wake On Charge - Disable screen wake when cable is plugged in/unplugged on Samsung Galaxy S5 (stock Android 5.0)

• Reader Mode (Adapt Display) - Enable Samsung screen ebook reading mode for Adobe Reader/Moon+ Reader on Samsung Galaxy S5 (stock Android 5.0)

• Disable Android Wear Disconnected Notification

• Media Stream Default - Prefer media instead of ringer during volume control

• Advanced Volume Keys - Long press VOLUME -/+ for PLAY_PAUSE/NEXT when screen is off or showing lock screen

• No Password After Boot - Disable the "Unable to use fingerprints. Device restarted. Enter backup password, then fingerprints can be used next time device locked." message

• NEW! Touch key light - Re-enable the lost option to set buttons light timeout (Samsung Galaxy S7)

• NEW! sRGB for video only - Switch to sRGB (Basic screen mode) for video (MX Player/YouTube) while keeping Adaptive for everything else (Samsung Galaxy S7)

• NEW! MTP Without Unlock - Start MTP even with screen off or without unlocking unsecure keyguard (Samsung Galaxy S5/S7)

• NEW! Allow MTP Access - Get rid of the "Allow access to device data" dialog (Samsung Galaxy S7)

• ...and few more

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Versión de APK 0.8.0
Compatibilidad Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Desarrollador Marcel Dopita
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